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. >> this makes it possible to use for other energy. >> it has alternating current, which is in every outlet in the house. >> and an extension cord finishes off the rest. >> this is wired through the house to the kitchen here. this is the extension cord coming from the inverter which is connected to the car, the nissan leaf and the refrigerator is plugged in through a meter. now the refrigerator is on, receiving power through the inverter. >> reporter: shelby said it saved him hundreds of dollars in food and more. >> i was able to have a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning all off of energy stored in the car. >> reporter: shelby said he only lost power for eight hours overnight on monday. >> it wouldn't have been able to power the frig. >> and if trees start coming down in another storm, he'll likely turn to his leaf for power. in brookeville, alex shown add, 9 news now. >> and now why could you not do this with your gasoline vehicle. well they are not safe to run inside the garage and tells us it is not clear if the energy would be efficient enough to power household items for as long as
. >> reporter: john hofmeister, founder and ceo of citizens for affordable energy and former president of shell oil. he says electricity issues are also squeezing the delivery for fuel to stations that are open. 13 of the region's 34 fuel terminals are without power. >> you don't have electricity at the depots, which fill the delivery trucks, or if you don't have electricity at a retail station, then you really can't sell gasoline to the public. >> i need more gas in my can here. >> reporter: jimmy and barbara dwyer need gas to run their generator at home. how much of a life line is this gasoline for you now? >> when you have no power and it's getting really cold now, you need power, right? we have no lights. we have no heat. >> reporter: that desperation is why there's so many panic at the pump. >> this is like pre-apocalyptic scenarios, you know, this gas, it's as important as food and water. it's a dog fight out here. >> reporter: so, why do they have gas here when other people are so short? the short answer is power. gas stations have power. people around here for the most part have power s
association showed me how to powerhouse hold items with the car's electric energy. it starts with a smaller battery inside the hood. >> this 12-volt battery is connected to the inverter here. >> reporter: the makes it possible for other items to use the electricity. >> so this converts it into the type of energy that regular household items can use. convert, correct, which is alternating current ac out of every standard outlet in the house. >> reporter: then a simple extension cord finishes off the rest. >> this cord is wired through -- through the house to the kitchen here. this is the extension cord coming from the inverter which is connected to the car. the nissan leaf. and the refrigerator is plugged into the cord through a meter. now the refrigerator is on. receiving power through the inverter. >> reporter: shelby says it saved him hundreds of dollars in food and more. >> i was able to have a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning all off of energy stored in the car. >> reporter: shelby says he only lost power for about eight hours overnight on monday. but -- >> it would have been able
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getting some praise. 9news, i should say, is the only outside crew invited when energy secretary stephen chiu came personally to thank the linemen for their efforts during super storm sandy, which that storm knocked out power to 44,000 customers. excuse me, at the height of it, far fewer than the other utilities. >> now, was this a little bit of luck and preparation? a little bit of both? one or the other? >> you know it's a combination. but i will tell you it is the same amount of preparation for the storm. whether it came, hit us hard, or didn't hit us hard. we still had to go with the same steps. still organize all the instant teams. >> even one of their critics. montgomery county council member. they tell 9news a combination of not burying the brunt of the storm and that lead to a better response. now, he says that it will go a long way for rebuilding the goodwill of pepco customers. >>> how do you think that your utility did after sandy? satisfied? frustrated? share your thoughts on our facebook page. lesli? >>> after a wild chase including explosions, the man wanted for a
when the energy secretary, steven chiu came out to thank them for their efforts during the super storm sandy. that storm knocked out power to 45,000 customers. far fewer than the other utility companies. >>> but it may be nearly two weeks more before the power is fully restored in new york city. and today, there is some limited subway service for the first time since the storm. the major routes to the cities are being limited to the cities carrying three or more people. >> and we didn't think that it was going to be this bad, but honestly, i'm glad that we were here so we could start cleaning it out. >> and in new jersey, nearly 2 million people are still in the dark. that's almost 25% of the state's entire population. in hoboken, thousands are stranded as the flood waters simply have no place to go. on top of all that, drivers in both new york and new jersey are waiting hours on end to gas up their vehicles. that's if they can even find a station that's open. bruce johnson reports from a marina in atlantic highland, new jersey, where sandy tossed around boats like toys. >> this is bru
investigations at the department of energy, department of education, and 27 other federal agencies that spend stimulus money, finding more than .8 million had been misspent, lost to fraud, or questionable in other ways. our reviews on the program and spending on the american recovery reinvestment act indicates the numbers are likely to grow. investigators in the government agency that spent the money continue their audits and pursuing more than 1,900 open criminal investigations. for more specific examples like funds intended to aid the poor folks in rural areas, instead being paid for homes with swimming pools. check out our findings at for 9 wants to know with the washington guardians. >> thank you, russ. the white house did not respond to requests for a comment, anita? >>> you can rip out that dictionary page that has the word landslide in it because it looks like we're not going to be needing it this time this year. polls show the popular vote for the president to be virtually tied and that is enough for both candidates to run scared and hard. >> reporter: we'll see some runnin
this weekend on "platts energy week." it airs sunday morning at 8:00 on wusa 9. >>> you don't have to work for a power company to help those hit hardest. wusa is donating a dollar to the sandy relief fund for every person who likes our facebook page. so please consider logging on and giving us a like. >>> the d.c. government is getting ready for winter at rfk stadium. the mayor joined more than 1,000 workers from the public works and transportation departments. hundreds of drivers are getting familiar with snow routes and support teams. they ran through their paces to get ready. >> it's not easy driving those trucks. i've driven one. but it's a bunch of fun. >> yeah? when it's dry or when it's wet? >> the guys that do that like to plow snow. believe me. it's not all about the money. they like to plow snow. oh, i love it, it's great. hopefully we will have some snow to plow. >> whatever makes you happy. >> garrett county is pretty much cut off. 30 inches of snow still on the ground. a lot of folks cut off from their individual communities. it's a big mess out there. for us, we'll start with
. the promotion was sponsored by the new american energy opportunity foundation. it is a group critical of the obama administration's energy policy. >>> you find them in the sunday circular, on line, and on your smartphone. if you aren't using coupons, like the ones i have here, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. new data on coupon usage reveals that of the $470 billion in available coupon savings last year, only 1% of them were redeemed. one local mom is on a quest to be sure you know the three ways to get your share before you hit the grocery store. >> today we are going to be talking about realistic ways that you can coupon. >> reporter: laura scours the savings-sphere and blogs about it. it starts by knowing the basics, especially when it comes to manufacturing coupons. >> this 50 crept coupon will double to a dollar. >> reporter: finding the coupon is just the first step. laura says step two is to check the sunday newspaper coupon inserts. >> you are going to go back to them once you have a high value coupon from this publication that matches up with the current sale goin
, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ >> osgood: now a look at halloween by the numbers. a record 170 million people in this country say they plan to celebrate halloween this year according to a national retail federation survey. total halloween spending is projected to hit $8 billion. the average halloween consumer spending nearly $80, up from last year. more than 93% of children go trick or treating according to the national confectioners association. 63% of trick or treaters say chocolate is their favorite treat. followed by 9% favoring lollipops, 7% gummy candy, and 7% for those who favor bubble gum or chewing gum. as for the adults who hand out the treats, 41% confess that they indulge their sweet tooth from their own candy bowl. and finally, barack obama masks are out-selling mitt romney masks by a margin of 60 to 40 according to the costume marketer spirit halloween which claims its unscientific survey has accurately predicted the last four presidential elections. time will tell. coming
with energy secretary steven shu came to personally thank the linemen for their efforts with sandy. the storm knocked out power to 44,000 customers during height of sandy. far fewer than the other utility companies. was this a little president of luck and preparation, a little bit of both? >> it's a combination but i'll tell you it was the same amount of preparation for the storm, whether it came -- hit us hard or didn't hit us hard. we still had to go through the same steps and organize all the teams. >> one of the staunchest critics of pepco telling 9news now a combination of not bearing the brunts of the storm and better prep work led to a better response, he says that will go a long way to rebuilding goodwill with its customers. >>> still a few of the neighbors without power to the west. bge says that less than 500 outages still exist in our region. potomac edison still has more than 15,000 customers without power in maryland. they are reporting more than 68,000 outages in west virginia. now you can still help the victims of hurricane sandy. just by going to our facebook page. it's so eas
was invited. >> reporter: we were the only outside camera crew invited when the energy secretary thanked the linemen, and for the first time in recent history, the utility company is being praised, not criticized. >> we finished our clean-up and restation yesterday. >> reporter: steven chu is giving the unchaining heroes credit for a job well done. lineman don gala -- >> thank you. >> reporter: has been restoring power to customers for nearly 30 years. >> it's just like anybody else. if you show me a little respect i'll go a mile for you. >> reporter: he appreciates the recognition. >> oh man, the certain storm we had. i've been here going on 29 years and it was hard. >> reporter: at the height of superstorm sandy, 44,000 customers were impacted. that was a quarter of dominion power and bge outages. >> it is a change. it's a welcome change. >> reporter: pepco regional president thomas graham says it was a little bit of luck and a lot of preparation. >> feels good but there's also the reality that a lot of customers in other parts of the country are suffering right now. >> reporter: pepco
the clean up. to finish that yesterday. >> reporter: the energy secretary, they are giving the hero credit for a job well done. >> it was amazing. >> yes. >> and he has been restoring customer for nearly 30 years. >> it is just like anything else. if you show -- if you show me a little respect, i will go the mile for you. >> oh man. i have been here going for 29 years and it is all right. >> reporter: at the height of super storm sandy. 44,000 customers were impacted. all by the power here. >> it is a big change, a welcoming change. >> reporter: the regional president says that it was a little bit of luck and a lot of preparation. >> it feels good. and also the reality that a lot of customers in other parts of the country are suffering right now. >> reporter: the most highly criticized utility, even dubbed the most hated company in the nation. have they turned the corner? >> you know, that question, well, it is better served to those who will judge us. >> how do you think that they did at this time? >> we were very surprised. they were trying to trim some branches, right before the storm h
. overall the energy is expanding in a way just by the sheer nature and size of the tropical storm. and besides when that cold front reaches it something called a process will take over and that's why the hurricane center thinks it will pick up intensity. it's minutia and we're looking at a major storm sunday night into monday and tuesday. >> david bernard in miami. we look forward to checking in with you later in the program. >>> now to politics and the stretch to election day just ten days to go. judging by the polls the race couldn't be any tighter. we begin our coverage with nancy cordes. she's at the white house. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, rebecca. well both sides right now are cherry picking the polls they like. they are pushing their stats in the early voting states where they are doing well. it's about projecting confidence and momentum and not showing any sign of weakness and of course both sides are predicting gloom and doom if their opponent is elected as governor romney did again last night in ohio. >> these are tough times for mi
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)